Da Sun

Da Sun

I received my B. Eng. and Ph. D. degrees in Telecommunication and Robotic automation  from University of Wollongong, Australia, 2012, and 2016, respectively. During 2016 -2017, I was a Research Fellow in National University of Singapore, Singapore. Currently, I am a Research Fellow in Örebro universitet, Sweden. My research interest includes Robotics, Teleoperation, various control theories including Adaptive control, Robust control, Force control, Fuzzy logic, Triggered-event control, and Sliding mode control.

All of my current publications are in my google scholar site: Da Sun’s google scholar

Some of my experimental demos can be found in my Youtube web page: Da Sun’s Youtube


Dr. Da Sun

AASS Research Centre
School of Science and Technology
Örebro University
70182 Örebro, Sweden
Room T1213
Phone +46 (0)19 30 00 00


Journal Articles

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[7] Q. F. Liao, D. Sun, W. J. Cai, S. Y. Li and Y. L. Wang. Type-1 and Type-2 effective Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy models for decentralized control of multi-input-multi-output processes. Journal of Process Control, 52:26-44, 2017BibTeX | DiVA  | PDF ]

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