Ajay Arunachalam

Ajay Arunachalam

I am Postdoctoral Researcher (Artificial Intelligence) at MRO Lab under Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems, Orebro University, Sweden. Prior to my position here, I was working as a Data Scientist at True Corporation, a Communications Conglomerate, working with Petabytes of data, building & deploying deep models at production. I truly believe that Opacity in AI systems is need of the hour, before we fully accept & leverage the potential of AI. With this in mind, I have always strived to democratize AI, and focus more towards building Explainable Models & specifically learning good representations. My interests include Applied Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Optimization, Big Data, Algorithmic trading, Natural Language Processing, Distributed Systems & Wireless Networks. From my experience working on several business problems, I fully acknowledge that finding good representations is the key in designing the system that can solve interesting & challenging real-world problems, that go beyond human-level intelligence, and ultimately explain complicated data for us that we don’t understand. In order to achieve this, I envision learning algorithms that can learn feature representations from both unlabelled and labelled data, be guided with and/or without human interaction, and that are on different levels of abstractions in order to bridge the gap between low-level data and high-level abstract concepts.


Dr. Ajay Arunachalam

AASS Research Centre
School of Science and Technology
Örebro University
70182 Örebro, Sweden
Room T1227
Phone +46 (0)19 30 35 91


Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

[1] S. Srinivasan, R. Vinayakumar, A. Arunachalam and M. Alazab. DURLD : Malicious URL Detection Using Deep Learning-Based Character Level Representations. In Malware Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, pages 535-554, 2020BibTeX | DiVA  ]

Refereed Conference and Workshop Articles

[1] S. Paul, A. Arunachalam, D. Khodadad and O. Rubanenko. Fuzzy Tuned PID Controller for Vibration Control of Agricultural Manipulator. In HORA 2020 - 2nd International Congress on Human-Computer Interaction, Optimization and Robotic Applications : Proceedings, pages 166-170, 2020BibTeX | DiVA  ]

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